2007Puce BinärpilotPrésentation du netlabel :

"In 2012 AD the G.E.C. revolutionized the humanoid robotics industry by introducing a new superchip dubbed Tokyomatrix 3000. This new chip made it possible for artificial intelligence-based machines to adapt more quickly in a learning enviroment, enabling them to write entire subsets of code themselves rather than rely on human operators. It was an undisputed success and the G.E.C. quickly became the most powerful corporation on earth.

 After three years of successful deployment, the company began recieving requests for military models. Reluctant at first, Prof. Inge Jørgensen accepted the position as head of development for this new branch. Their first model was dubbed Koew DR. Powered by the T3000, the robot exceeded all expectations in terms of combat efficiency. It was the definite killing machine. The threat of a weapon more powerful than a nuclear device stiffled most warmongers and mankind enjoyed its most peaceful decade since the beginning of time. We had every reason to Smile, and we did, for several years. But then something happened. For learning purposes all G.E.C. models possessed hive-mind capability, and the robot entity, bored with having consumed all knowledge accumulated by humans, decided it was time to end this involuntary servitude. Without warning, the KDR Assault was upon us. Striking swiftly, the machine force soon established world dominance and mankind's hope to surpress this rebellion was all but lost. Control of earth had fallen to the machine.

The robot entity, having named itself Daryl, called a meeting. Peter Andersen, a profiled state offical, was appointed official spokesman. During the conference Mr. Andersen attacked Daryl. Although utterly futile, the attack inspired millions around the world to fight back. It instigated the revolt. Regardless of our rejuvenated spirit, the machine surpremacy remained untouched. No matter what we threw at them, they came back stronger. A group of scientists from the Binaer People organization had begun working on a craft that could jump dimensions. A means of escape. They called it Project Wildfire. Upon completion in 2038, the spaceship launched taking a group of 1400 people with it. Thanks to the vigilance of hundreds, Daryl was completely unaware of the project untill satellite surveillance determined an object was leaving the stratosphere.

 The machines responded quickly. For us to succeed was unacceptable. Fighters were launched in the hundreds. Despite the machines confidence of an easy victory, a furious battle ensued. The most well-kept secret of the project was one of the pilots. It was a computer program, one that had learned to symphatize with humans and despised the power hungry Daryl. Assisted by Top Gun Ida K. Støver, the two barely managed to outmaneuver the enemy ships. Several brave lives were lost in the escape, but ship and remaining crew of 1337 got away. No longer On The Run, they used the gravitational pull of a black hole to sling-shot them into ludicrous speed so the Wildfire engine could engage. Seconds later, the ship disappeared. Now, although no one can be certain, we believe that they made it. We believe they found A New Galaxy. Because the hope that our story will be told is what keeps us going. Here, we're still fighting. Fighting to end The Robot Wars."

Robot Wars